Normally I pay little attention to old wives tales or saying that things happen in threes. It often seems to be the things that you would not particularly want to happen. Recently I went through one of those threes experiences.

Day One

It started out with me making two cakes for a social event. I had the cake ingredients in a large mixing bowl and turned on the hand mixer. In about three seconds I herd a loud POP and the old mixer stopped. 8073358073


            In memory of my sister/friend

            Gloria Gibson Goulet

          June 25, 1941 – February 10, 2017


It is never easy to say good-bye to those we love. This week I learned of the unexpected passing of a very special longtime friend who was killed in an automobile accident. I was already in the process of losing her, not from some dreaded disease but from the onset of dementia. I have wondered how long it would be before she didn’t remember me and that thought was very disheartening.   6072756356


The young woman stood awed by what she was seeing.  She was amazed at the millions of stars lighting the night sky. In the entire twenty-three years of her life she had never witnessed anything like what she was gazing at in utter wonder until a few nights ago. How had she missed so much of what hung over her night after night?   She knew the answer to why she had missed so much of this grand beauty. It was her own grandmother’s doing. Continue reading “FULL CIRCLE”